Planned Giving

Planned GivingUsing the envelope scheme is an excellent way to make a regular financial contribution to the Parish as an alternative to finding loose change in your pocket or purse. Alternatively, a standing order can be organised  which saves on cash handling and  administration, and means that your offering is never missed.

Gift Aid

Gift AidWe have a collection during Mass, with occasional second collections for specific good causes.

If you are a tax-payer, please fill in a Gift Aid form and donate using the collection envelopes. For every donation of a pound or more, we will be able to reclaim an additional 25%. So, if you donate £5, we will be able to reclaim an extra £1.25 making your donation worth £6.25.

Best of all, it does not cost you anything. There is no commitment to a specific amount of money or a given period of time. If you are a higher-rate tax payer, you can also reclaim money on your self-assessment envelope. See this government website for more details.

The requirements of the scheme are:

  • The completion of a simple form – a gift aid declaration.
  • The donor must pay income tax equal to the amount being reclaimed each year.
  • The donor must be a user of planned giving envelopes or use a standing order (see above).

Food Bank

We rotate donations between the Friary Drop-in Centre, Emmanuel House and the Food Bank in St. Ann’s Advice Centre Foodbank. You can support our collections by leaving non-perishable food and toiletries at the church.

Please consider adding one or two extra items to your weekly shopping basket; it really does make a difference. Thank you.

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